Noni Premium Combo

      3 Noni Premium
      Joining Price :- Rs 2997 /-
      Stockiest Profit Rs 50/-
      Point Value :- 2000 BV

IITE Education Combo

      Any 2 Courses from IITE
      Joining Price :- Rs 4999 /-
      Duration :- 3 Months
      Point Value :- 2000 BV

IITE Education Combo 2

      Any 3 Courses from IITE
      Joining Price :- Rs 6999 /-
      Duration :- 5 Months
      Point Value :- 4000 BV

The Joining Plan (BV) is designed in such a way that an Ideal India Associate can earn maximum benefits From Sales Incentives. Earning benefits from this opportunity are in direct proportion to your ability to sell Ideal India’s Educational Packages.


      1. Becoming an Associate is totally free of cost.
      2. Fill and submit the online Registration Form and get an ID. On receipt of duly filled and Submit the physical Registration Form to the nearest branch office within 7 days from the date of online registration. The said ID will be activated on receipt of duly filled and signed physical Registration Form.
      3. On acceptance of physical Registration Form, you are eligible to buy Educational Package at Associate Price.
      4. You will also get Free Account in the company website as a Value Added Benefit where you can track all the information about your business transactions.
      5. The registration is valid for one year from the date of online registration, subject to acceptance of your physical Registration Form.


Joining Income (BV):
· Every pair Rs 500/-
· Weekly Ceiling Rs 10,000/-
· Carry Forward Available

Joining Bonus:
40,000BV : 40,000BV Rs. 4000/-
76,000BV : 76,000BV Rs. 6000/-
1,00,000BV : 1,00,000BV Rs 10,000/-
1,50,000BV : 1,50,000BV Rs 15,000/-
2,00,000BV : 2,00,000BV Rs 20,000/-
3,00,000BV : 3,00,000BV Rs 30,000/-
4,00,000BV : 4,00,000BV Rs 40,000/-
6,00,000BV : 6,00,000BV Rs 60,000/-
10,00,000BV : 10,00,000BV Rs 1,00,000/-
12,00,000BV : 12,00,000BV Rs 1,20,000/-
1) Monthly Distribution
2) No Carry Forward Available


• Weekly Team Sales Incentive will be paid based on the BV accumulated as per the marketing plan After 2000 BV, the Team Sales Incentive will be paid as per the step rate* of that week. All payable Sales Incentives under Sales and Marketing Plan or any other plan/offer are inclusive of service tax. All payments shall be subject to TDS and other applicable statutory deductions as per the law time being in force. All Associates shall submit their PAN details to the company to receive Sales Incentive. No commission will be paid for referring Associates. Commission to Associates will be paid only through NEFT, as such all Associates who earned commission shall submit required documents to register for NEFT.* Visit website for more details.

• Becoming Ideal India associate is not an employment/ job and also not a monthly income guarantee scheme. Income as a sales incentives from Ideal India is directly proportionate to the sale of Educational packages. No commission will be paid for referring people to become an associate of Company. Be aware of the company’s Exchange & Refund Policy. In case you or your customer find the purchased package or not entirely to your / customer satisfaction, you /customer can exchange the package within 30 days from the date of purchase of the products or you / customer can claim refund of the Product cost within 45 days from the date of purchase by returning the package purchased in saleable condition along with the original invoice. Subject to company’s terms & conditions.
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